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Heineken + HMD + Bodega launching 'The Boring Phone'

Almost a year ago, I had the very first meeting and brainstorm with Andrey Tyukavkin from Publicis about what we might be able to do together and 10 minutes into the meeting it was not just ideas, but solid plans that were being developed as we both saw the potential of addressing the downsides with the way tech can invade and disrupt how humans interact and that a collaboration between Heineken/Publicis and HMD (Human Mobile Devices) had to happen.

Today we announced and tomorrow we’ll launch ‘The Boring Phone’ to address the issues that digital overconsumption has and why we should be more aware of it and become better at deciding when we would to be empowered by the incredible tools that smartphones give us, but also that it comes with the huge trade-off of losing human intimacy and connection.

I believe that the best brand collaboration is born out of partners sharing purpose and a mission such as that between Heineken, Bodega and HMD. 

This partnership is not just about selling products— it aims to improve social wellbeing by giving people a choice and an opportunity to focus on real life moments. 

The Boring Phone is a feature phone that encourages users to disconnect and engage more with the real world, a significant step for those of us looking to reduce digital overload.

By focusing on less screen time, Heineken, Bodega and HMD are spearheading a cultural shift towards more meaningful interactions, starting an important conversation about our relationship with technology.

In essence, this collaboration isn't just a business venture; it's a pioneering move towards promoting a healthier, more connected society. It's exciting to be part of the increasing group of companies like Heineken, Bodega and HMD leading by example in affecting real, positive change in the world. 

Just some highlights from the great media coverage that we got:


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