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Launching Human Mobile Devices, you can call us HMD

Frontpage of the HMD Website

As a CMO, it's a privilege, albeit a rare one, to have the opportunity to build a new brand from scratch. This is the unique journey we're embarking on at HMD. While we've been known as the makers of Nokia phones, our vision extends beyond this legacy.

We're transitioning from being a licensee to becoming a multi-brand company with our own distinct HMD brand product line, complemented by several licensing partnerships and significant brand collaborations we're itching to unveil at MWC later this month

Impactful image with the new HMD brand

This journey has been exhilarating. We're navigating new paths, moving away from traditional brand-building methods that no longer resonate in today's dynamic landscape. Our approach hasn't been about following the well-trodden path but about finding our own way, learning, and adapting as we go.

The launch of HMD (Human Mobile Devices) today, marked by our new website and social media presence, is a modest first step in what we anticipate to be a long and exciting journey. This is just the beginning, much more to come.


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