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Holmes Report: Top Innovator 25

Really pleased to be mentioned on Holmes Report The Innovator 25:

"Our first Innovator 25 class in EMEA takes a glimpse at our industry’s future, shining the light on those individuals who are shaping what influence and engagement will look like tomorrow. The people recognised here come from various corners of the industry — creative strategy, digital execution, influencer mapping, storytelling — but together they represent a compelling picture of what marketing and communications represents in the modern era."

"As head of social media at Lego, Silberbauer has brought in a new level of engagement and focus to Lego's global digital presence. When the digital strategist started his career at the company in 2011, Lego still did not have an official webpage.

Last Christmas, Adweek scored the company as the toy industry's number one brand on social media and Youtube, helping to illustrate the scale of change that has taken place under Silberbauer's leadership. Perhaps his most notable accomplishment is Lego TV, a native mobile experience for kids where they can experience high quality animated Lego content in 24 markets."

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