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New Job! CMO for Nokia Mobiles / HMD Global

Over 100 million devices are piled high in landfills globally every year. I think many of us have quite a number of devices simply sitting in drawers at home.

To help solve this issue, I have taken on the role as CMO for Nokia Mobiles & HMD Global. We want to disrupt and change the way the mobile industry operates and how we perceived tech as a buy and throw away consumer good. We want to drive change and keep phones out of landfills. To do so, we have created a new circular business model with eco-friendly devices. It's a huge challenge but one that I’m looking forward to taking on!

Nokia has just launched a line of new devices and you can even already sign up to become an environmentally-friendly mobile user in a fully circular subscription model. Read more about it here:

On a personal note, I will be moving my base from Switzerland back to glorious London. I look forward to connect and reconnect with everyone there.


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