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The Tokyo Olympics

My first ever Olympic Games also happened to be an absolute historic one. It was the first and hopefully last Olympic Games to be held during a global pandemic.

I’m sure that everyone involved agree that this was a challenging Olympics, but now that we can look back, I’m also sure that most feel the accomplishment about a very successful event that happened against all odds. And we can look back at so many beautiful moments that was not about COVID19 infections or vaccination-rates, but about human excellence, friendship and respect.

A moment that stood out to me was the fantastic skateboarding event. Both the men’s and women’s finale were not just exciting and showcased new young talent, but really role modelled how respect, friendship and mutual support can and should happen even at the very highest of levels.

Another one was when Viktor Axelsen defeated Chen Long to win the gold medal in the men’s singles in Badminton. The mutual respect between the two top players, who exchange their match t-shirts right after the last duel

New Olympic Motto

Going into the games, it was decided to change the Olympic motto for the first time ever. A small, but important change was added ‘Together’ was added so from now on it’s all about being:

Higher, Faster, Stronger – Together

It was also the key to our campaign leading into the Olympics and just wanted to show a few of the content pieces that were developed.

The last Tokyo Olympic moment that still sits with me is the fantastic send-off that the ‘goodbye squad’ of volunteers gave everyone, before we flew back to wherever we came from. I have never seen so many smiles underneath a mask, as I did in Tokyo, it was absolutely amazing and cannot wait to get back.

Content from the Tokyo Campaign


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