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SnapChat & LEGO Fashion Project

One of the last projects I created before I left LEGO was an exclusive and limited clothing line that was launched on SnapChat as a social commerce experience. It was launched during the London Fashion week and was the first time that LEGO did an AR shopping experience. It got a lot of attention from the press and ended up being a pretty solid digital experience.

The empty show room only featured a Snapcode that unlocked the AR experience.

I wasn't able to be part of the finalization of the project, but really happy about how it ended up.

In short, the objective of the project project was to

  • Reach a new and younger audience that was different from LEGO's traditional core audience which is kids and parents

  • Create PR value and position LEGO as a first mover in social commerce

  • Innovate and learn about new ways of reaching consumers through digital touchpoints

We developed a exclusive and limited edition of high quality sweatshirts, t-shirts and caps and brought them to market in a unique way using SnapChat AR studio.

In this video you can see the consumer journey from a Snapcode until the checkout.

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