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My Opinion on the State of Influencer Marketing 2018

The DRUM asked me and a couple of digital leaders about our opinion on Influencer Marketing. The topic was brought up because of the 'Scarlett Dixon Case' where an Influencer got a fairly big backlash for a commercial post about her typical morning. "Instagram is a ridiculous lie factory made to make us all feel inadequate." as one user on Twitter described it.

In my opinion, Influencer collaborations are hyped and, in some cases, very overpriced, but it doesn’t change the fact that millions and millions of people all around the world are following and taking inspiration from Influencers. So yes, prices will be adjusted, and brands will need to ramp up on their ability to work with influencers. I also find that most brands still consider Influencer collaborations as one-offs and don’t invest the needed in-house resources in maintaining the relationships. Brands need to understand that this is not purely a media platform where you only need to invest your dollars, you need to invest yourself in creating and maintaining the relationships.

There’s a huge Lego community that we collaborate with and we're also collaborating with influencers outside the toy space (parent influencers). We approach those influencers where we believe there's a fit with the Lego brand and the influencer’s content and personality. Of course, we also need to consider if we want to create an exclusive partnership or it more about creating an opportunity for creating awareness around creative play in general. We measure the success of the campaigns with influencers based on the purpose of the collaboration. It can be sales, awareness or engagement, but it's also important to consider the value created long term where Influencers can get involved in product development.

Also, don’t just invest your money, invest your time in building those relationships and learning about the business of the Influencers.

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